7 places to visit in Taiwan

Taiwan is an island in the Pacific Ocean

With an area of ​​34.5 thousand square kilometers and the Chinese province of the same name. It is true that local residents have been actively fighting for their independence from Beijing for more than half a century. They are trying to achieve international recognition of the ROC (as they call their state). At the moment, this task is only partially completed: Taiwan's independence has been recognized by 22 states, among which there is not a single known world leader.

Tourists come to Taiwan throughout the year for various reasons. Someone is attracted to national parks and reserves, which occupy up to 20 percent of the island. And someone is attracted by architectural sights, among which are the masterpieces of Chinese, Japanese and European engineers. Taiwan is also popular with businessmen from all over the world, as major international forums and conferences are regularly held here.


The official language of Taiwan is Chinese

But most locals can easily speak English. The official religion is Buddhism. The Taiwanese dollar is used as the main currency. You can pay with credit or debit cards in almost all hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops. When planning a trip to Taiwan, remember that the rainy season here begins from June to August, and the northern part of the island is characterized by more cloudiness during most of the year.

Taiwanese people are very friendly and welcoming, and there should be no difficulty in communicating with the local population. If you're going on a self-guided tour of the island, don't forget to bring a business card from the hotel; this safety rule applies to all countries, and if you get lost, locals or taxi drivers will always help you find your way. to hotel. Moreover, for the convenience of tourists, many inscriptions on the signs are made in Latin.

Please note

That photography and video are not allowed in most temples, and public areas are non-smoking. Contrary to the expectations of many tourists, here you will hardly see residents in traditional Chinese clothing. In Taiwan, modern European style is in fashion. It is true that there are nuances, for example, the Taiwanese do not wear slippers, since it is believed that they are shoes for the poor.

You can travel around the island using high-speed trains, local airlines, buses, or rent a bike or car. However, it is worth remembering that the roads in the capital are very confusing, traffic jams and congestion often form, and there are also serious problems with parking. In this sense, it is best to use a rented car for intercity trips. 

Also, there is something to see here

We present to your attention the most curious places in Taiwan.

In Taipei, be sure to visit the National Palace Museum

Its collection includes about 720 thousand exhibits. Paintings that once adorned the walls of palaces belonging to the Yuan, Song and Qing dynasties are exhibited here. Porcelain sets of amazing beauty, jewelry made of precious metals and precious stones, books and other antiques are presented in the halls. The surroundings of the museum are picturesque parks and squares where you can stroll in the shade of the trees and rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Be careful, the museum does not have a description of some of the exhibits in English. In this sense, we recommend that you prepare well before visiting the palace. Otherwise, it won't be clear why there are such long queues for some items and whether they are worth spending time on.

Just 20 kilometers from the capital of Taiwan

Is the incredibly beautiful Yangmingshan National Park. Its surface is 11 hectares, it is located at an altitude of 200 to 1120 meters above sea level. Park visitors can take part in a complicated "attraction", which was specially invented by the administration in order to attract as many tourists as possible. In rubber boots, everyone can walk through a clearing dotted with calla lilies and pick up a bouquet of these beautiful flowers, which the friendly employees will immediately pack. In addition, you can walk through narrow paths, rest in a small hotel, taste the national cuisine and visit the thermal baths, enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature.


Chengqing lake

Not far from the city of Kaohsiung is the Chengqing Lake. His name can be translated as "crystalline". The locals call it Lotus Lake, and there are many reasons why. Every year these beautiful flowers bloom on the surface of the water, whose beauty has been sung many times by oriental poets.

Around the lake there is a picturesque park with numerous temples. One of them was built in honor of the god of medicine, Pasheng Tati, more than a century ago. 

Original zigzag bridge

That connects small islands is surprising. The tourist walk is not limited only to the observation of natural beauty. Anyone can rent a boat or ride a horse, go fishing and even play golf.

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